The Brattleboro Community Justice Center (BCJC) is a community organization where citizens can work together to find ways to resolve conflict constructively, using primarily Restorative Justice principles and practices.

The Justice Center supports this work by providing structured opportunities to victims, offenders, and other individuals or groups affected by harm orĀ  wrong-doing in the community to meet and communicate.

BCJC co-sponsors community conversation on policing in Brattleboro

On the evening of Wednesday, July 27, 2016 the Brattleboro Community Justice Center co-sponsored a conversation on policing in Brattleboro at the River Garden. Organized and moderated by former Victim Advocate at the Windham County State Attorney’s Office, Patrina Lingard, the townhall meeting invited community members to share their comments, questions, and concerns with a panel about the impact of […]