Volunteer Job Description

Volunteer Job Description


Job Title:      Member, Community Restorative Justice Panel

Location:      Brattleboro Community Justice Center


Purpose of Position:

To serve on a working citizen panel among whose duties is the selection and monitoring of activities for people who have done harm, with the primary purpose of making reparations and amends to people who have been harmed and to the community.



With other panel members – interview the responsible party, draft Reparative Agreements, and assess their commitment to the adherence and completion of terms of agreements. This certifies case dispositions to the Department of Corrections and/or to the sentencing court.



Willingness to accept responsibility speaking for the harm done to communities by responsible parties, for the documenting of their activities within a community setting, fairness, ability to listen, knowledge of community, common sense.



Basic orientation to corrections and training about restorative justice are required before beginning service. Specific training related to support functions will be provided.



Assist those who have been harmed and the community, provide meaningful community-based criminal justice sanctions for responsible parties, and reduce criminal justice processing time.


Time Commitment:

One year term, two-hour meetings once a month with preparation time prior to each meeting; commitment to attend 10 of the 12 meetings a year. Skill workshops are offered in addition to the regular Restorative Justice Panel meetings.


Authority & Supervision:

The work activities and processes of the Community Restorative Justice Panels and its members will be supported and coordinated by the staff from the appropriate office.